San Francisco’s Ultimate Tribute to Journey, EVOLUTION is BACK and excited to announce our brand new website – version 3.0! Take a few minutes to learn more about our new band mates and check out upcoming scheduled performances. More dates being added soon! As huge fans of Journey, our band brings the energy to the stage with the greatest hits — live and in person! Our goal is to honor the collective music of Journey with every show that we perform. We hope to see you out when we’re in town.

Our website is colorful yet easy to navigate so that visitors to our site are able to quickly find what they are looking for. Feel free to Contact Us for bookings or to ask us a question—we’d love to hear from you!

Having worked with GINGALLEY LLC for over 15 years now, it was time for yet another upgrade. In April of 2022 they re-designed our site for us with some updated info with a new & modern design. While we were rehearsing and planning our next appearances, the web design team worked on showcasing all that we have to offer in text, graphics, and design.

Our band is headquartered in California, but perform shows throughout the country to bring audiences the music they know and love. We hope to see you out at one of our next events, so follow our page close for upcoming tour dates!